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Behind the Scenes: How ABUS connects its security devices to the Azure cloud

ABUS delivers approximately 50,000 IP-enabled security cameras per year and a few thousand IP-enabled alert systems. These devices are not natively cloud enabled because they require direct Internet connections done with port forwarding in the customer’s network firewall, which implies possible security issues. ABUS recently teamed up with Microsoft to create a cloud-based management and control solution that provides a central secure gateway for all IP-enabled devices in a customer’s network.

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes the team that developed the IoT solution that helps ABUS to securely connect their security devices to the Azure cloud in Germany and to envision a new generation of ABUS connected

  • [04:35] Tell us about ABUS. What do you do?
  • [05:10] As technology is evolving, how is security changing as well?
  • [06:30] In this connected world where everyone can see everything with their devices, how does ABUS overcome technology challenges to make this happen?
  • [07:36] As we start to talk about cloud computing, data security comes into question. How do you see Azure's ability to meet those needs?
  • [11:25] Can you tell us what the decision process looks like when a company like ABUS goes through the vendor selection process for their data security storage?
  • [14:07] Can you describe for our listeners the project Microsoft and ABUS worked together on?
  • [17:08] How is video different than your typical IoT?
  • [18:48] Inside Azure, what services did you use to make this happen?
  • [22:45] How did you use Azure Functions and what other Azure services are you thinking about using?

Use the code and architecture from this project on GitHub, get hands on with IoT labs or start to build your own IoT solution on Azure.


 2017-09-01  31m