Local Vocal Radio

LOCAL VOCAL Radio is a 3-hour program on Magic 92.3 Cebu that showcases "proudly pinoy made" music which happens live every Sunday 6-9PM



LOCAL VOCAL Cebu S02E06: Chuckoy Vicuña Combo, False Apart, The Purplechickens, Wilderness

Magic 92.3 presents LOCAL VOCAL Radio Cebu hosted by Phat Boy Lim every Sunday 6-9PM on air and online through ustream.tv/channel/magic-92-3-cebu New entries from artists like Chuckoy Vicuña Combo, False Apart, The Purplechickens and Wilderness. Plus previous music entries from June Marieezy, Runway Hits, Kontra and Fictional Character. Show your support by sharing this episode to your friends and be updated with the Philippine's local music scene. Let's keep in touch! facebook.com/localvocalradio twitter.com/phatboylim instagram.com/phatboylim Also you can use our official hashtags #LocalVocalCebu #PROPM #GrinabeSound This show is edited to fit a podcast format. Special thanks to Allan Scrabbles of Break Offenders for the editing.


 2016-02-14  50m