LIW The Twilight Zone Review

Comedian Phoenix West, Frank Linkz, Adam Wilcox & Dick Dickette review every episode of The Twilight Zone. This show is stand-up meets review show. Sobriety not guaranteed.


episode 5: 42: TZ1959 - 206 - Eye Of The Beholder

Frank and Phoenix discuss perhaps the most popular TZ episode of all time. They do not agree with the IMDb rating at all. It's a fine episode but the premise is stretched to a Goodfellas onion level of thin. Only in that movie they make a delicious Italian meal. This episode provides an obvious ending without much follow up. The major problem with this episode is that 18 minutes are spent concealing and then revealing pig doctors and then the remaining few minutes reveal a fascinating Pig-Hitler world which is genuinly interesting. But then the episode ends and we are left with credits instead of seeing the world Pig-Hitler crafted. Opportunity wasted.


 2017-09-12  35m