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EP071: Beginners Mess Up But It Pays Off with Margo Aaron

Writer Margo Aaron joins Daniel to share her story of turning her hustler guilt into the process of getting clear about her business goals. Margo admits that putting her work out there before it was perfect, taking on too many random projects, and making a few mistakes at the beginning of her career gave her a concentrated strategy for scaling her business.


Entrepreneurs will face bumps in the road but if they find people who have gone through or are going through similar things, it can feel like a warm hug on a cold night.


Key Takeaways:


[:49] Top performers need new benchmarks for defining success.

[9:25] Some books just stand out even if they are old ideas.

[18:04] Being a beginner sucks but you have to do the work to make it.

[23:53] Changing people’s lives with your work changes your life.

[29:20] Money can be a force for good.

[37:54] Connecting Solo-Founders in a virtual co-working space.

[43:04] Reverse engineering your revenue goals based on the minimum you need to make to live.

[47:03] When you try to be everything to everyone you can’t scale your business properly.

[51:40] Why you should be irrational and get your stuff out there.


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 2017-09-18  59m