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Losing Our Religion with host Zac Gandara is a wild often comedic ride alongside a community of diverse humans each seeking their desired life and ideal experience away from the dogma and exclusivities they may have been raised to believe.



EPISODE 010: Christian Anarchy?: Tooth & Nail Alumni Jeff Bettger and Matt Johnson

Jeff Bettger & Matt Johnson have known each other for over 20 years. They've played in multiple bands together in and outside of Tooth & Nail Records. Ninety Pound Wuss, Raft Of Dead Monkeys, Suffering And The Hideous Thieves together and then Matt has played been in Blenderhead, Roadside Monument, and a shit ton of other bands.

They also both happened to be drawn into the Mars Hill Church culture and served as Pastors.

These Tooth & Nail boys and I sit down with whiskey, beer, beards and glasses to chat about the state of our faith and our hopes for the future. Jeff and Matt also have some great times reminiscing about the record label days while I ask them the questions we all really wanted to know back then. Where the bands doing drugs? Having sex with groupies? And did MXPX pee on stage?

These whiskey induced theological ramblings are an important and joyful conversation about things we may never be able to prove but hope life could be like. Matt does a rad job summing up the rambling and gives us things to think on, and then we hug it out.

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 2015-09-30  1h4m