A curious and witty exploration of Berlin, by Walrus aka Wouter Bernhardt.


Forbidden City

Berlin has a reputation of being a ‘raw city’, with many unfinished, edgy, exposed, gritty and industrial buildings scattered across its urban landscape. But how much of this reputation still holds today? Follow Wouter and Izzy aka Walrus and Otter in search of abandoned places! This is the first episode of their freshly made Berlinology Podcast, where the two curious explorers and belligerent Berlin ambassadors go deep down the Berlin rabbit hole and check out modern myths and research urban legends that are part of this ever changing city called Berlin.

Co-host: Ysanne Choksey Ciarán Fahey Introductory quote from the ‘Book of Symbols’ read by Geoffrey King Music: Mark Schilders, Soviet song ‘Kalinka’


 2017-09-21  23m