Liquid SunShine Podcast - Inebriated Interviews with Vancouver's hip hop underground

Cop a seat, crack a brew and soak up some liquid sunshine with the Spits N Giggles crew: Mr. Archive and Saucey Slick featuring DJ C-Lo on the mix. Join these jabrones as they chop up whats what with the who's who of Vancouv, and C-Lo spins the new new. Relax and let The Liquid Sunshine Podcast penetrate your ear holes all deep like.


Episode Nineteen - Emotionz

Crack that brew kid! This week the homies are honoured to welcome Vancity veteran Emotionz to the podcast.  We shoot the shit about his musical family, the 4th World Occupants crew, his days in LA and the brand new, dope as fuck album, Psychedelic Boombox.  The boys lie lower on this one, comparatively sober on a Sunday afternoon, but C-Lo is in his usual zone, continuously mixing that heat.  Liquid Sunshine all day in your ear-piece. 

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psychedelic boombox (album download)

psychedelic boombox (tour video)

Fourth world occupants "old world fall out" (video)


Emotionz "the Book of David" (video)

KOTD Emotionz Vs Nebula battle (video)


DJ C-Lo Mix #19 Track List

Planet Asia & DirtyDiggs Feat Tristate and Killa Kali - Stupid Kush

Luniz feat Ras Kass, B-Legit & 4rAx - Still the Highest

MP and Vocab - N.W.H.H.

Saga - The Strong

Large Professor - Opulence

Termanology - Streetwise

Beedie feat Wiz Khalifa - Make a Wish

The Black Opera - Talking Revolution


 2015-04-29  2h27m