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Cop a seat, crack a brew and soak up some liquid sunshine with the Spits N Giggles crew: Mr. Archive and Saucey Slick featuring DJ C-Lo on the mix. Join these jabrones as they chop up whats what with the who's who of Vancouv, and C-Lo spins the new new. Relax and let The Liquid Sunshine Podcast penetrate your ear holes all deep like.


Episode Fourteen - Chadio

Awwwww Yeaaaaah.  This time around the Sunshine boys chop it up with Van-City legend, the mutha effin man, Chadio.  We get to hear how he once owned the morning freestyle sessions on 102.7 FM, how the incredible Imaginations Treetrunk collective came to be and whats coming in Chadio's ever growing discography of dope.  Along the way the posse considers what would happen if "our" Chadio battled Brooklyn's Chadio (from the group, Cru,) and hear how Sauce may be getting stalked by his own old collection of Hustlers.  We give shit away, butcher peoples names and get a bit tipsy.  DJ C-Lo, as always, throws down the continuous ill mix, and brings you more of that new-new.  Shout outs to Abort.  It's Liquid Sunshine y'all.

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Imaginations Treetrunk bandcamp page:

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 2015-02-10  2h12m