Letty Set Go

Los Angeles based radio personality, LETTY (formerly known as Rikki Martinez), gives her enthusiastic and passionate take on a different range of topics. Being Latina and known for her hip hop knowledge, she's also a young mom juggling career and family and cementing her place in media. Known to many as a small and strong minded individual, her talks will leave you both humored and inspired.



The Game Explains Lupe Diss

The Game explains to Letty why he called Lupe Fiasco "weird." "Personally, maybe I might be lost. Or maybe he evoling. And Game can’t see it. I miss the old Lupe records when it was about Chi-town and it was hood. So maybe I’m being what I tell other people not to be. I guess that’s just being a fan of music. Some people evolve and you are able to embrace it, other people evolve and you get mad. That’s why when some people are like 'I like the old game,' You might be what I’m being when i said I like to the old Lupe."

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 October 16, 2015  2m