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episode 42: How Authoritative Websites Can Create a Huge Passive Income

Ken Courtright is the founder of Income Store, the company which helps home or business owners to purchase assets outside of their business for a second stream of income.

The team builds and buys websites which creates a passive revenue for the owner. Managed by Ken’s team, they help to generate a 50% return on the initial funding.

After owning videos stores which declined in profitability, Ken vowed to never put his family through the stress of only having one stream of income again. He wrote a book on business growth and was given the idea to put the content onto a website in tiny pieces to build a site of authority.

It took 90 days to build his own website, and within six months he was ranking higher on Google than some of the big consultancy firms. That’s when he knew he was onto something.

All money generating sites Income Store manages are built using the same model Ken used initially. When up and running, they create a big passive income for his clients.

In this episode of Capital Gains, Ken tells us why authoritative websites equal financial rewards.

Key takeaways:

  • Creating a second stream of passive income through an authoritative website
  • Why good online content creates a good business
  • Growing a passive revenue through an online asset
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 2017-10-10  40m