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episode 11: Let's Talk About It with Jenny White/ Bullying in the workplace, Part 2

Workplace bullying is a persistent pattern of mistreatment from others in the workplace that causes either physical or emotional harm. It can include such tactics as verbal, nonverbal, psychological, physical abuse and humiliation. This type of workplace aggression is particularly difficult because, unlike the typical school bully, workplace bullies often operate within the established rules and policies of their organization and their society. In the majority of cases, bullying in the workplace is reported as having been by someone who has authority over their victim.  However, bullies can also be peers, and occasionally subordinates.  Research also has investigated the impact of the larger organizational context on bullying as well as the group-level processes that impact on the incidence and maintenance of bullying behavior.  Bullying can be overt or covert.  It may be missed by superiors; it may be known by many throughout the organization.  Negative effects are not limited to the targeted individuals, and may lead to a decling in employee morale and a change in organizational culture. 


 2017-10-14  1h8m