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SER079: I Like Unicorns, Same As Anyone

In which Thom Bowers and Travis J Coleman reminisce about the late Tom Petty, anticipate the next iteration of Weird Al, and count the electric sheep of Blade Runner 2049, amongst other pop cultural dalliances. 

TRAV's Watch Purging: Bull S1, Lethal Weapon S1, Brooklyn 99, iZombie S3, Supergirl S2, American Asassin, American Made, The Stray, The Beguiled, Spielberg (HBO documentary), Blade Runner 2049

THOM's Watch Purging: Blade Runner 2049, Supergirl S3, The Simpsons S29, The Good Place S2, Star Trek Discovery, The Orville S1, John Adams, Lady Gaga: 5 Foot 2, Kingsman The Golden Circle, Genius, Brimstone. Results, The Great Wall, Jackie, Tokyo Twilight, Silence, The Circle, The House

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 2017-10-16  1h28m