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"Eliminate your problems by combating them with your PURPOSE!" EVERY show will be a show centered to evoke ALL THINGS to work out for your transformation, for your purpose and for your GOOD! #LetsDoTHIS


episode 2: Get Coached: Everything You Wanted To Know

Join me Download my eBooks here Watch the show HERE Have you ever sat down with a Life Coach? Have you been able to benefit from that experience? It's something beyond just giving advice but actually collecting tools that you can use beyond that encounter to sustain you mentally, spiritually and professionally.Use this show as an opportunity to get coached around love, sex, religion and everything in between. I'm a Life Transformation Coach and I've had real life experience directly and in-directly with mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence, lgbt related issues, religious and faith based issues, chronic illnesses and professional/personal road-blocks, successes and failures. While I don't know it all, I do know what I've experienced and how I've used life coaching tools to help me transform, elevate, graduate and WIN!What areas of your life are you looking to transform? Where do you need to win? *Professional *Personal *Emotional  


 2017-10-20  1h13m