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C9::GoingNative is a show dedicated to native development with an emphasis on C++ and C++ developers. Each episode will have a segment including an interview with a native dev in his/her native habitat (office) where we'll talk about what they do and how they use native code and associated toolchains, as well as get their insights and wisdom—geek out. There will be a small news component or segment, but the show will primarily focus on technical tips and conversations with active C/C++ coders, demonstrations of new core language features, libraries, compilers, toolchains, etc. We will bring in guests from around the industry for conversations, tutorials, and demos. As we progress, we will also have segments on other native languages (C, D, Go, etc...). It's all native all the time. You, our viewers, fly first class. We'll deliver what you want to see. That's how it works. Go native! ---> Please follow us at @C9GoingNative on Twitter!



Talks and Highlights From cppcon 2017!

We went to cppcon this year and talked to a number of speakers. Check out this video to learn more about their talks and why you should watch them! Links to the recordings of the talks are available below. Check out the cppcon 2017 playlist on YouTube. 

  • Jon Kalb [00:47] - General information about cppcon
  • Carl Cook [06:53] - When a Microsecond Is an Eternity: High Performance Trading Systems in C++
  • Piotr Padlewski [08:45] - Undefined Behavior is Awesome! (link coming soon)
  • Allan Deutsch [10:56] - Esoteric Data Structures and Where to Find Them
  • Guy Somberg [13:19] - Game Audio Programming in C++
  • Victor Ciura [14:58] - Bringing Clang-tidy Magic to Visual Studio C++ Developers
  • Kate Gregory [17:04] - 10 Core Guidelines You Need to Start Using Now
  • Billy Baker [19:21] - Almost Unlimited Modern C++ in Kernel-Mode Applications
  • Daniel Moth [21:50] - Latest & Greatest in Visual Studio for C++ developers
  • Peter Goldsborough [24:20] - A Tour of Deep Learning With C++ (link coming soon)
  • Matt Godbolt [27:18] - What Has My Compiler Done for Me Lately? Unbolting the Compiler's Lid
  • Rong Lu [30:23] - C++ Development with Visual Studio Code
  • Juan Pedro Bolívar Puente [33:39] - Postmodern Immutable Data Structures (link coming soon)
  • Sara Chipps [37:03] - Building for the Best of Us: Design and Development with Kids in Mind
  • Sven Over [40:30] - folly::Function: A Non-copyable Alternative to std::function
  • Patrice Roy [44:27] - Which Machine Am I Coding To? | Designing A Feature That Doesn't Fit



 2017-10-23  49m