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episode 28: #28: The Road to Going Pro with Heidi Franz

Heidi Franz is one of the newest team members of the Rally Cycling pro team. While studying photography at Seattle University, Heidi got serious about riding her bike and won the Best Amateur classification at the 2017 Redlands Bicycle Classic as well as several National Collegiate titles in time trial, criterium and omnium. Heidi found success in pro cycling after getting support from the Amy D. Foundation, a nonprofit organization created in honor of Alison Dombroski. The Amy D. Foundation supports young riders like Heidi who have the skill and ambition to launch into the pro level of the sport.

Heidi walks us through a pro race from the start line to the finish. We talk nutrition, gear and what it’s like to work as part of a team. Congratulations to Heidi on her recent success landing a spot on the Rally Cycling team. 

More About Heidi Franz: 

  • Amy D. Foundation: amydfoundation.org
  • Rally Cycling: rallycycling.com
  • Instagram: @franzyprawnzy
  • Twitter: @franzyprawnzy

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 2017-11-05  44m