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High Stakes Multi-Party Negotiations: The Curious Case of North Korea

Today Buyers Meeting Point welcomes Mark Bilgin as our guest. Mark is a career negotiator and the author of Mastering High Stakes Negotiations who has been joining BMP Radio in a regular podcast series on all things negotiation. In this session, we take our 'inspiration' from the complex, high-profile situation of North Korea, where the United States is going to have to negotiate with China as an intermediary to place the desired pressure on North Korea. This situation offers many lessons for business-based multi-party negotiations, inlcuding: How to use a third party to bring about a desired resultTwo negotiating scenarios: when all three parties come to the table together v. when two parties negotiate and one of them goes on to negotiate with the thirdConcerns around 'undisclosed alliances' between two of the parties in a multi-party negotiation


 2017-10-24  23m