A curious and witty exploration of Berlin, by Walrus aka Wouter Bernhardt.


The Bottle Collector

When I first arrived in the city I was kind of surprised by Berlin’s casual drinking culture. If you’re going somewhere it’s not unusual to take a beer with you for along the way, even bringing an open container with you on the subway. I also quickly learned that it’s common practice not to throw your empty bottle in the trashcan, but rather to leave it, underneath the bin, so that someone can easily come and collect the deposit. Who are these deposit collectors and why do they collect?
Pfand - Deposit Pfandsammler - Deposit collector - Website for disposal of empty bottles Kreuzberg - where all the hip kidz live Kiez - (Neighbor)hood Maybachufer - Casual hangout for many Berliners Ankerklause - Cafe/Bar on the Maybachufer Spießig - Bourgeois Odobenus Rosmarus - Legendary Beast
Thanks to: Sebastian Moser and his dissertation ‘Pfandsammler' Valerie and Armin for telling me about their experiences Music by: Mark Schilders, LY Foulidis and Svetnik Photo by Manus Browne


 2017-12-01  33m