COVERED is a literary interview show hosted by Harry Marks about writers and their books. Whether it’s fiction or non, short stories or long, sweeping epics, Harry digs down in each episode to learn the stories behind the stories, the whys and hows of their creation, and what readers and aspiring authors can learn from the process.



S4E7 – Katharine Grubb, WHEN THE TIMER DINGS

Synopsis: Author and founder of the 10 Minute Novelist Facebook Group, Katharine Grubb, discusses her new book, WHEN THE TIMER DINGS: ORGANIZING YOUR LIFE TO MAKE THE MOST OF 10 MINUTE INCREMENTS, as well as the guilt of not writing, making time for our passions, running a successful Facebook writing group, launching a new writing conference, and saying no when we don’t want to.

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Duration: 01:04:32

Present: Harry C. Marks, Katharine Grubb

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 2018-01-19  1h4m