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Rudy V. Pt.2 The Rezidue - the 2nd Half - MEZTTISO RECORDS

Rudy V.

The Second Half of "The Rezidue" C.D. Mix Compilation - With Release parties taken place in Dallas, Chicago, South Beach Miami, L.A., Kansas City, Honolulu, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Buffalo NY, Atlanta, Scottsdale AZ, Seattle, Hamburg, Austria, Tokyo, London, Lake Geneva Switzerland, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Rio, Mexico City, - (Please see the the description of "The Rezidue" Pt. 1 of 1 to check out what I used to make this mix!!!!) 
"I can't Thank all of you enough for all of the Love and Support you've given me through out the years!!!!" Rudy V.

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 2013-04-01  34m