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episode 11: 11 The Best Show Ever Made on the Planet According to Zahra Noorbakhsh

This week, Anita and Ebony are joined by the wonderful feminist Muslim Iranian-American comedian Zahra Noorbakhsh, who brings a bevy of insights to the table: How does the CW superhero show Black Lightning pay homage to the 60s sitcom Bewitched? How is the “manventure” movie Jaws actually about intersectional feminism? Zahra reveals all this and more, as the gang also talks about Saturday Night Live’s clumsy attempts to use comedy to address the #MeToo moment, the troubling kind of “strong female character” depicted in Atomic Blonde, and how you can take a class on Get Out, racism and black horror from the comfort of your home!

Find out more about our special guest:

https://twitter.com/zahracomedy http://www.zahracomedy.com/ Pop Culture Collaborative Senior Fellow: http://popcollab.org/about-us/zahra-noorbakhsh/

GoodMuslimBadMuslim podcast: http://www.goodmuslimbadmuslim.com/

...and become a backer on Drip to get access to this week's bonus segment, a conversation with Zahra about her long road toward finding a place for her voice and her work within the often alienating, white-male-dominated world of comedy and much more.

Referenced on this episode:

SNL skits:

Next for Men: https://youtu.be/9weqnWBaehg Dinner Discussion: https://youtu.be/evWiz6WRbCA Chucky Lee Byrd: https://youtu.be/T9awpv5BnSc

The Sunken Place: Online Workshop on Get Out, Racism, and Black Horror: https://hipshot9.clickfunnels.com/sales-page17636596


 2018-01-31  1h0m