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episode 2: RSA Special: Emerging Technologies [Special Edition]

There was no shortage of new and innovative technology on display at the RSA conference. We sat down with industry innovators to get their perspectives.

In this RSA special edition, we’ll hear from Lance Cotrell, Chief Scientist at Ntrepid about their secure browser technology.

Emily Mossberg is from Deloitte Advisory Cyber Risk Services, and she’ll give us her perspective on emerging trends in cyber risk management.

Oliver Friedrichs is the CEO of Phantom, who were the winners of this year’s RSA Sandbox competition. He stresses the importance of automation.

Richard Moulds from Whitewood Encryption Systems tells us about their true random number generation and delivery system,

And finally, Vikram Sharma from Quintessence Labs, who’s flagship Trusted Security Foundation aims to centralize the management of encrypted keys.


 2016-03-10  19m