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episode 13: 13 Tilda Swinton and Gwendoline Christie’s Space Robot Baby

On this week’s FFR, we suit up to join the crew of the ill-fated (and surprisingly hungry) international space station featured in The Cloverfield Paradox! Ebony gives us her best Irish accent and Carolyn questions the difference between good-bad movies and bad-bad movies while we navigate the rubble of the film’s plot and praise the performance of Gugu Mbatha-Raw. We also discuss the recent decision by Formula One to end the long-standing tradition of grid girls, and we tackle the larger debate about “choice feminism” with which arguments about grid girls are inextricably linked. Finally, we FREQ out about Mindhunter, classic Hollywood romcoms, and Grace and Frankie, and Anita argues that it’s better for a series to leave people wanting more than for it to start giving people less.

Segment Time Stamps:

Entertainment News- 2:35-5:45 Cloverfield Paradox- 5:45-27:40 Grid Girls and Choice Feminism: 27:48-43:45 What’s Your FREQ-Out? Ebony on Mindhunter: 43:50-49:40 Caro on Classic Cary Grant Comedies of Remarriage: 49:40-53:45 Anita on Grace and Frankie, and When a Series Should End: 53:48

Referenced on this Episode:

The original, official Formula One post on the end of grid girls: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/headlines/2018/1/formula-1-to-stop-using-grid-girls-.html

AJ Plus video about exhibitors hiring models at a UK gambling convention: https://twitter.com/ajplus/status/961798070328426496

Anita’s Twitter thread about The Expanse https://twitter.com/anitasarkeesian/status/962774990264266757


 2018-02-14  1h0m