Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI)

EESI is best known for its non-partisan Congressional briefings on key energy and environmental issues. Topics include climate change, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. Learn more at www.eesi.org/briefings http://www.eesi.org/briefings.



2018 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook

Hosted in coordination with the House and Senate Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Caucuses Please RSVP to expedite check-in A live webcast will be streamed at 12:00 PM EST at www.eesi.org/livecast (wireless connection permitting)   The Business Council for Sustainable Energy and the Environmental and Energy Study Institute invite you to attend a lunch briefing on the 2018 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook. Ethan Zindler, Head of Americas, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, will give an overview presentation of the 2018 Factbook findings. A moderated panel of industry experts will discuss the findings and policy implications for the energy efficiency, natural gas, and renewable energy sectors.


 2018-03-09  1h21m