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episode 279: Microgravity Research at ZARM Drop Tower

Guest: Martin Castillo    Host: Markus Voelter    Shownoter: Alexander Grote

During our tour NorthWest 2017 I visited the drop tower at Uni Bremen’s ZARM and talked with Martin Castillo, the head of material science at the facility. We discussed the basics of microgravity research, the technical aspects of the tower, how to set up experiments, and also about his particular work in material science.

Introduction of Dr. Martin Castillo and ZARM Droptower 00:03:00

Microgravity | ZARM | Overview of Experiments at ZARM | Drag | Deceleration Chamber | Capsules | ZARM User Manual

Catapult system 00:20:22

Description of the System | Pneumatics | g-jitter | vaccum quality | Turbo Pump | Ion Pump | Sublimation Pump

Base of the Tower (outside the Vaccum Tube) 00:35:05

center of mass | Infrared Data

Base of the Tower (inside the Vaccum Tube) 00:41:25

Base of the Tower (control room) 00:45:50

air cooling

To the top of the tower 00:52:00

getting married at the top of the tower ;)

Back to the Lab 00:58:20

homogeneous materials | parabolic flights (vomit comet) | Electroluminescence | Molecular buancy | pn/np crossing | wet synthesis | Doping crystals | Doping in Semiconductors | Combustion synthesis | LabView | National Instruments PXI | Inertial measurement unit (IMU) | carbon nanotube | nanofluids | Material science | carbon fibre | composite material | Einsteins equivivalence principle | Quantus I | Quantus II | Maius | First BEC in Space | Bose Einstein Condensates (BEC) | Quantum Metrology | Eötvös Experiment | Reynolds number


 2018-03-10  1h46m