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A video gaming podcast that covers both retro gaming as well as modern systems. The show features discussion on various topics, reviews and more.


Episode 3: Interview with Phil Murphy from NERG

Episode 3 of the podcast about videogames, both retro and present day. Join hosts Phil and Paul as well as guest hosts as the show will cover a wide mixture of topics, reviews, discussion and more.

In this episode we have the pleasure of interviewing Phil Murphy who is the organizer of gaming event NERG - North East Retro Gaming. We discuss how Phil got into games, what he collects as well as the planning of the NERG show itself. NERG takes place on 20th and 21st June 2015 and all details can be found at for info on tickets, the venue, the traders there and more.

As well as this we discuss our weekend at Play Blackpool from the start of the month, what we played, bought and more.

The music in this episode is as follows:

Daytona USA - The King Of Speed

Metroid Prime - Phendrana Drifts Shoreline Entry

REZ - Fear (Adam Freeland - Rez Edit)

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 2015-05-17  1h41m