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504.5. The Feedbacking of Frigimon

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Jeff and Ashley talk about the recent deluge of Tri PVs, field responses to how Digimon and humans should live together, and discuss some feedback. Spoiler: Ashley still doesn't think Marcus is a good boy.

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Episodes Covered: (digimon go to the polls to rate these episodes!)

  • Ep 19: "The Truth About Keenan" (the one with the road trip)
  • Ep 20: "The Crier Family Reunion" (the one with Keenan’s parents)
  • Ep 21: "The Digimon Army Makes Its Move" (the one where Gotsumon has an army)
  • Ep 22: "The Wrath of SaberLeomon" (the one where Leomon #1 dies)
  • Ep 23: "One More Digital Dive!" (the one where Kurata reveals he’s evil)
  • Ep 24: "The Past Revealed" (the one with the flashbacks)
  • Ep 25: "Kurata's Revenge!" (the one where Merukimon dies)


  • Tri Chapter 6 PV1 (released Dec 11th)
  • Tri Chapter 6 PV2 (released Feb 9th)
  • Tri Chapter 6 PV3 (released Mar 9th)
  • Tri Chapter 6 ED PV (released Mar 16th)

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 2018-03-24  27m