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Soul Discovery Radio Show 25/3/18

Every Sunday 6.00pm – 8.00pm GMT Solar Radio Sky Digital Channel 0129 DAB In London, Manchester, Birmingham, Norwich & Brighton (Round The World) All Soul Discovery Radio Shows are Sponsored by: City Slicker Music Email: All podcasts sponsored by GB Roofing Dwight Tribe feat: Mattew Hallsall “What the world needs now” (Gondwana) LP Bléz “MCE Man Crush Everyday” (Pink Diamond Cellar Promo) Chris Jasper “The love that I give” (CJ) L. Young “Can’t get you off my mind” (4ever Young Entertainment) Gladys McFadden & The Loving Sister “Never gonna turn around” (Peacock) LP Chuck Stephens “Paying for love” (Soul Junction Promo) 7’ Cooperetts “Win all your love” (Soul Junction) 7’ The Rhythm All- Stars feat: Geoff McBride “What you won’t do for love” (GM) The Michigan Soul Searchers “Where could I go” (IZIPHO-SOUL Promo) 7’ Lou Courtney “Just to let him break your heart” (Epic) LP Marion Meadows feat: Dana Lauren “No wind, no rain” (Shanachie) Young-Holt Unlimited “We’ve only just began” (Cotillion) LP Jessica Lauren “Amafi” (Freestyle EP Promo) Bohannon “Sing a song for your my mother” (Dakar) LP Mark IV “I got everything” (Cordial Recordings LP Promo) Paul Williams; “Once you had a heart” (Motown) The Village Choir “Talk to me” (SCM) 7’ Sire “Make it everlasting” (2 Groundhogz INC) Tyra Levone “Can’t love no more” (TL) Lorenzo Owens "What kinda man" (ER). Ellips Phelps & William Swann “My best friend” (eBoogie Records, Inc) Heem “keep god on your side” (Blood Leaf Promo) 12' Heart to Heart “Never make a believer of me” (Dream City) Jessica Lauren “Kofi Nomad” (Freestyle EP Promo)


 2018-03-26  1h59m