T-K Spotlight

T-K Spotlight is an on-going series that showcases phenomenal individuals who have done a lot for the gaming industry and how they have helped many people in & out of the gaming community through their craft.



T-K Spotlight Ep. 24 - Jared Petty (IGN, Kinda Funny, Hop Blip and A Jump)

On this episode of TK Spotlight, Senior Editor Jakejames Lugo chats with THE REVEREND himself, Jared Petty from Kinda Funny, IGN, and Hop Blip & A Jump. During the show, Jakejames and Jared talk in-depth about the many trials one goes through trying to make it all work being part of the gaming media, coming together with close friends to work at Kinda Funny Games, as well as what it takes to leap into launching a Patreon like Hop Blip & A Jump. Jared also gives some interesting food for thought about turning an idea & dream of making content amazing for others into something even greater. Jakejames also asks Jared about some of the lesser known times and stories about working at IGN, making guides on the IGN wikis, and what it was like in the trenches of the IGN War Room during big shows like E3. If you love gaming content and amazing personalities in video games, then this is the episode you can’t miss!


 2018-03-28  1h14m