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Ep. 176 - Ozan Biron

Filmmaker Ozan Biron joins us this week to shed some light on where he came from and what inspires the work he creates. Ozan has the rare ability to truly capture what it feels like to drive a car and push it to its limits. His work is often imitated, but never replicated and we dig into why that might be. GUEST LINKS: Ozan’s Website: Ozan’s Instagram: Ozan’s Vimeo: The Last Viper: ------------------------------ The Collective Newsletter: Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe via RSS: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: ------------------------------ Khyzyl Saleem: Heat: Live For Speed: Octopussy: AE-86: Need For Speed: 3DO: BMW Films: Ronin: The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are solely those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of their employers.


 2018-04-02  1h55m