The C64 Take-away podcast

Spreading the Commodore Love from Copenhagen, Denmark since June 2005 this podcast features an eclectic mix of Commodore 64 chiptunes and remixes of tunes from the best-selling home computer of all time. Carefully chosen and presented for your listening pleasure by me, Jan Lund Thomsen.


Episode 038: Baby, it’s hot in here!

This time it’s the usual blend of classic SIDs and remixes. I also preview the new album from Reyn Ouwehand, talk about the upcoming Back In Time Live event, catch up on news and listener feedback, and play you a Nelly Futardo track[*] without getting in trouble with the RIAA.

Stream this episode:

Download this episode: MP3 (43:17 minutes – 39.7 Mb)

Music played:

  • Martin Walker – Snare
  • The St. Albans Rob Hubbard Fan Club – I-Ball
  • Nada – Crimson Games
  • Stanislaw Ostazewski – Resolution
  • Reyn Ouwehand – Ghosts’n Goblins (from the upcoming album The Blith, The Blend & The Bizarre)
  • Moog and Hazel – Acid Jazz (Grand Theft Audio)

Stuff mentioned:

  • Stone Oakvalley’s Authentic SID Collection
  • site relaunch
  • Back In Time Live 2007
  • Full two-hour video of Press Play On Tape’s Breakpoint ’07 concert

Unless otherwise stated tunes played on todays show are available for download from Remix.Kwed.Org, and from the HVSC. Leave feedback either by using the comment section, or by e-mail to C64Takeaway [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

[*] The Nelly Futardo track in question ripped off a C64 track without asking for permission or even crediting the original composer/performer. The remix featured on todays episode is based on the same source material – but I’m giving full credit. In other words: back off, lawyers.


 2007-06-10  43m