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Follow the Wh1t3 Rabbit ... attention technology and business leaders! The "Down the Security Rabbithole" podcast is not your ordinary security podcast, primarily because we take a business perspective on the colorful and fast-paced world of information security. Bringing useful commentary on relevant events in the information security community, filtered through a no-nonsense business first approach, this is a podcast that helps you get the sane perspective on hacks, risks, threats and technology that you need to help make decisions in your daily life and in your organization.


Down the Rabbithole - Episode 4 - Effective Small Business Security


  This is a special episode for anyone who's feeling like "Information Security" in their small business is impossible.  My guests and I talk through how to make information security a proper entity that can both serve the business need, and be respected; more than just survival, it's about making security thrive in the small business.  Michael potificates on what makes the security community such a valuable resource to security managers in his position, and we go into what advice you could give a vendor selling into a small business ... what a fascinating discussion!


  • J.W. Goerlich - Network and Security Manager for a midwestern financial organization
    Wolfgang has 15 years in IT, with a InfoSec focus for the past 5 years. He has a deep background in risk management and business continuity for SMB firms.
  • Michael Allen - Information Systems Security Officer for a Jamaican-based financial Institution. Michael has over 8 years experience in IT, with a focus on Infosec during the last 4 years. He has a strong background in application development with a keen interest in penetration testing, software security assurance and network security.


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 2011-10-24  43m