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episode 56: The Comics Agenda Episode 53: Comics and Windstorms

The Comics Agenda Episode 53: Comics & Windstorms

We kick off our second year with discussing the just released Avengers: Infinity War Trailer. Then we dive right in several new books including the exciting end to show favorite Heavy Vinyl. After comics we get into The Punisher and start The Justice League before mother nature cut the conversation short.

This Week Anelise and Greg talk about Sword of Ages #1, Giantkillers #1, Quarry's War #1, Powerpugg Girls: Bureau of Bad #1, Motor Crush #8, and the finale of Heavy Vinyl #8. While neither of us were able to get through all of The Punisher, but we do discuss the first three episodes with plans to come back and finish discussing the series later. Just as we were starting what was going to be the most entertaining discussion about the Justice League that you have ever heard, Mother Nature interfered and took away Anelise's internet. So now you will have to wait another week to hear our EPIC thoughts

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 2017-11-30  1h5m