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episode 50: Weird Science

The Comics Agenda Episode 47: Weird Science We have a group of really weird, but exciting books this week as We talk about Wizords, Hotel Lobotomies, and a Shirtless guy fighting a Bear. And we find out about Anelise's love for anything pumpkin

This week we are cover the end of Shirtless Bear-Fighter with issue #5. We also talk Realm #2 Kid Lobotomy #2, Dead of Winter #3, the Cutter TPB, Kong: Gods of Skull Island, and of course one of our favorites, Curse Words #9.

We go into the New Mutants Trailer in addition the the fantastic looking Black Panther trailer. Anelise pins for anything Pumpkin, and Greg finally caught up on his DC pile.

A great episode with some good books.

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 2017-10-19  1h20m