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episode 17: The Comics Agenda Episode 14: Was a Dark and Stormy Night

The Comics Agenda is back with episode 14: Was a Dark and Stormy Night. And that is no joke! Dave has had storms all evening and we are struck with technical difficulties as we lose power multiple times. But we pushed through and got the show together! This week, we discuss the death of Bill Paxton, Dave mentions the ACADEMY AWARD WINNING SUICIDE SQUAD, we discuss movies that we can repeatedly watch, and our personal picks. We also talk about Amerikarate #1, Animal Noir #1, X-Files Deviations, The Dregs #2, and Royal City #1. Hit us up! Tell us what you think of the show! And if there are any books you would like us to tackle! Fingers crossed for no storms next week!

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 2017-03-02  1h23m