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episode 30: #30: Thanks, Ladies: Cycling Through History with Margaret Guroff

Scandalous elopements with bicycle instructors and doctors spreading rumors that riding a bicycle would make a woman’s uterus fall out - the history of the bicycle didn’t skip the drama. Every few generations, it seems that Americans “rediscover” the bicycle. As we become more conscious as a society of environmental change, we’re in one of those moments now. 

We look back on the last 200 years of the bicycle with Margaret Guroff and discuss how the bicycle helped women find new independence. The bicycle contributed to changes like women ditching corsets for pants and leaving their chaperones behind, who couldn’t keep up with the pace.    

More about Margaret Guroff: 

  • Buy the Book on Amazon: The Mechanical Horse: How the Bicycle Reshaped American Life by Margaret Guroff
  • Power Moby-Dick, the online annotation of Herman Melville’s classic novel
  • Margaret Guroff is a magazine and online writer and editor of features, essays, and investigative work. A former editor of Baltimore magazine, she is now an executive editor at AARP The Magazine.

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 2018-04-21  38m