Jewelcast: JFTC in your ears

Jewelcast is the official podcast of Jewels from the Crown, SB Nation's Los Angeles Kings blog! Join the JFTC writers and guests from around the SB Nation network as they talk Kings and discuss the NHL.


episode 9: Jewelcast, Episode 4.9: Hooray for a Slightly Shorter Offseason

We blinked, and it was over for the Los Angeles Kings. What went wrong? (A lot.) The Vegas Golden Knights swept the Los Angeles Kings in a series that was as tense as it was low-scoring. Was the 2017-18 first round a sign that the Kings are dead -- long live the Kings -- or was this an unfairly brutal exit for a team with plenty left in the tank? Eric and Robyn are joined by Sheng Peng, formerly of Jewels from the Crown and currently of Hockey Buzz, to discuss how it all went down. Is LA going to be staring up at the Vegas Golden Knights for years to come? Should we put more stock in 82 games of decent LA offense, or in 4 games of ineptitude? Will LA's veterans come back strong next season, and will LA's youngsters bounce back? And how will history remember that Vegas pregame ceremony? We'll discuss it all, and then some.


 2018-04-24  1h28m