Temporal Fusion Podcast: Drum and Bass, Dub Step, Hip Hop, Glitch

Temporal Fusion is a diverse podcast of breakbeat rhythm inspired electronic music; Drum and Bass, Hip Hop, Glitch, Breaks, IDM, Hyphy, Crunk, Dub Step, or however else you want to categorize us... Since 2006 we have been broadcasting the sounds of underground, independent and alternative mixtape culture. No commercials, just spreadin that raw vibe. Most of our DJs are producers and have tracks available from their pages, so check out our website ( www.temporalfusion.com ) for info on our artists. Our roots are from Boston and Denver USA, but we have become a truly global cooperative with artists from France, UK, Ireland, Germany, Washington D.C. and SE Asia coming on-board. Peace!



Drum and Bass – Jangala DJ

For the last mix of this roller coaster ride of a year I’ve put together a very special selection of beats from all the worlds of Drum and Bass – strictly vinyl.  The mix starts out slow and minimal with tunes from Dillinja, Fracture & Neptune and FD. After this intro the mix gradually builds up in momentum and complexity with the likes of Need for Mirrors, Foreign Concept, and LSB. Thanks for listening!


 2014-12-31  59m