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Join hosts Byrd and Matt as they discuss all things giant monsters, tokusatsu, and Japanese fantasy films. We'll also cover comics, cartoons, toys, books, and more! Come here for a regular dose of everything from Godzilla and Gamera to King Kong and Ray Harryhausen to Ultraman, and everything in between!


episode 11: Godzilla Recap: Legendary Pictures' Godzilla (2014)

Just in time to get us caught up to Shin Godzilla's US theatrical release, we are joined on this episode by special guest Eric to wrap up our Godzilla Recap. We'll be diving into 2014's big budget Hollywood Godzilla reboot from Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros. We discuss the movie's long origin, the pros and cons, MUTOs, and we debate whether or not Ford Brody is the worst human character in Godzilla history.


 2016-09-30  57m