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Join hosts Byrd and Matt as they discuss all things giant monsters, tokusatsu, and Japanese fantasy films. We'll also cover comics, cartoons, toys, books, and more! Come here for a regular dose of everything from Godzilla and Gamera to King Kong and Ray Harryhausen to Ultraman, and everything in between!


episode 17: The Politics of Shin Godzilla

On this special post-Election Day episode, Byrd and Matt are joined by Japanese culture guru and musician Chris Marti (of the one man band Cosmic Monster) to discuss the loaded messages behind Shin Godzilla. Arguably the most politically charged Godzilla film to date, what exactly is the film trying to say? And how much of it has been overlooked or misinterpreted by fans outside of Japan? What made Prime Minister Shinzo Abe so attracted to the film? Join us as we answer those questions and discuss Fukushima, nationalism, international affairs, censorship, post-WW2 Japan, Shinzo Abe, and how the message in this film compares to previous Toho classics!


 2016-11-13  2h6m