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episode 7: Motherless Child: Celebrating Mom's Life After Death

I'm a Certified Professional Coach and an advocate for good living. Join me as we discuss topics that allow us to transform and elevate our lives to the best experience we can have on this Earth. You can download the audio or watch the video of the SHOW HERE! My Grandmother and my Mother have both transitioned to a higher level of living and Mother's Day sometimes create some discomfort. I lost them both fairly young and I feel like a motherless child sometimes and experience a range of emotions; pain, greif, anger, depression and jealousy. I envy those who have their parents and grandparents and the lives that get to lead but I want to take an opportunity to remember my loved ones with great joy. On this show we will discuss what you can do to support honoring Mom's memory and living life optimally with her Love and Spirit still surrounding your life.


 2018-05-11  53m