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This Podcast covers everything Alexa and her use within the smart home. The show also covers reviews on skills and product the are related to the Amazon Echo environment. Questions, Comments, or concerns please contact us a commandingechos@gmail.com and please me sure to leave us a review.



episode 6: 06 Skills Reviewed: Westwood One Sports, ESPN, Zombie Hunter, and the Echo Show (Product)

In episode 6 I review 3 Skills, Westwood One Sports, ESPN, Zombie Hunter, and conduct a product review for the Echo Show. In addition I discuss pro tips on turning off voice purchasing and creating your own night time brief mode. I also conduct a review of my experience at Dev Days, which took place in OCT 2017 in San Francisco, CA.  As a reminder please follow us on Podbean, Itunes, and YouTube. Also for all requests (Skill reviews, Product reviews, interviews, and suggestions) please e-mail me at commandingechos@gmail.com.

Skills and Product Reviewed:

Zombie Hunter


Westwood One Sports

Ask the DM

Alexa Dev Days

10 Things Every Alexa Skill Should Do


 2018-04-12  28m