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This Podcast covers everything Alexa and her use within the smart home. The show also covers reviews on skills and product the are related to the Amazon Echo environment. Questions, Comments, or concerns please contact us a commandingechos@gmail.com and please me sure to leave us a review.



episode 9: 09 Skills Reviewed: The Yes or No Game, Travel Bucket, Alien: Off world Colony Simulator, and our interview with Robin Christopherson.

In episode 9 I review 2 Skills, The Yes or No Game and Travel Bucket. In addition, we take our first phone call and discuss the differences between an Echo Show and a Fire HD Tablet. I also take a look at Alien: Offworld Colony Simulator which represents the future of Alexa Gaming. Finally, We listen to a Q & A interview from Robin Christopherson Head of Digital Inclusion at Ability Net, a tech charitable organization in England and host of the Podcast Dot to Dot. You can now call, text, or e-mail the show for questions, comments, skill requests, and concerns inside the echoverse. 

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The Yes or No Game

Travel Bucket

Alien: Off world Colony Simulator


 2018-05-03  32m