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This Podcast covers everything Alexa and her use within the smart home. The show also covers reviews on skills and product the are related to the Amazon Echo environment. Questions, Comments, or concerns please contact us a commandingechos@gmail.com and please me sure to leave us a review.



episode 7: 07 Skills Reviewed: Ticket Finder, Murphy’s Bylaws, Top Poll, and the Echo Tap (Product)

In episode 7 I review 3 Skills, Ticket Finder, Murphy's Bylaws, Top Poll, and conduct a product review for the Echo Tap.  You can now call us or text us a message at 360-830-6662 for questions, comments, skill requests, and concerns about the show. Also you can still contact us via e-mail at commandingechos@gmail.com.  I also cover the use of Echo Dot’s in ambulances across 26 counties in MA and RI.  I talk about the new Alexa Twitch channel and their how to videos and developer interviews.  Pro Tip 2 way comms with those certifying your Skills.  Please leave us a review where ever you get your Podcasts!???? 

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Ticket Finder

Murphy's ByLaws

Top Poll

My Dog Rover

Echo Tap



 2018-04-19  19m