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Prep For Your Pets

Happy 100th episode of our podcast. Thank you to all of you that made this possible by listening, sharing, and contributing to the success of this show. It may have been rough at times and we have changed show format and content quite a few times. We have had months of uncertainty on the future of it, but we have weathered the storm and are continuing to bring you content. I would love to especially thank those that allow us to post episodes on their various platforms of social media, please check them out at our supporters page. I would also like to thank those that over the years came on the show for various interviews and comments.

Ok so today I talk about pet prep since it has been a while. I talk about the roles that your two or four legged friends may play in a survival situation. I focus mostly on dogs and cats though even though there are many other pets out there that may be beneficial in their own ways. I talk food and water storage. First aid for your four-legged companions and the importance of having a good first aid reference book like The First Aid Companion for Dogs & Cats. After that I talk of some other items you really should keep as well. I hope you all enjoy the episode.

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 2018-05-21  57m