Strictly Butter

Strictly Butter is a podcast fueled by lifelong friendship, good pizza, and an undying love for all things music. Every episode, Ryan Cody, Jeremy Klein, and Alexander Mathew bring you lively, in-depth discussions on current album releases, across a wide range of genres.


Episode 50: Underoath – Erase Me

Over the hill and with a bad hip, it’s EPISODE 50 of Strictly Butter! On this momentous, monumental edition of our little show, we talk about “Erase Me” the latest album from Underoath (underOATH? Underøath? How are they styling their name these days? Anyway) we also get into music from Mitski, Fuel, and reflect on how the hell the podcast has been going on for almost three years, and we’re only now just hitting our 50th episode. All that and more await. Give it a listen! Questions? Comments? Got your own thoughts on “Erase Me”? Wondering how in the hell we made it to 50 episodes? We’d love to hear from you, and have a number of ways you can get in contact with us. Find and Like us on Facebook (,) Tweet at and Follow us on Twitter (@strictly_butter,) Tumble us on Tumblr (,) or just send us an email ( Also, please subscribe to the podcast/rate it/comment on it on iTunes, it would help us out a lot. And as always, if you happened to enjoy any of the music you heard on the show, PLEASE make sure to get out there and support the artists. Thanks for listening to us talk about the things we listen to! Fun links to fun things... Underoath: On My Teeth: Rapture: Mitski: Geyser video: My shit, which the guys say you should read: Fuel: Crowd singing Fuel: Remember this album cover?: Two Princes: Hard to Handle: Spooky Songs: Life of Pablo: Views: Satch: Misterwives: Idk, “Reinventing Your Exit” is a fun song (even if it does make my throat hurt just listening to Spencer scream): The IT Crowd: Bad Christian interview with Underoath: Next episode: Walking into season 2 of Strictly Butter like: Anyway, here’s Wonderwall:


 2018-05-25  1h2m