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21 Black Jack

So very many 23min of Ska episodes are finalized and mixed in the wee hours of the night when I really should be asleep, this episode is no exception. I had a few ideas for this one, luckily it snapped together pretty quickly and awesomely. I always try to plan a few weeks ahead, makes a better podcast, or at least one that doesn't keep me burning the midnight oil to produce. But this one, this one feels right that it kept me up so late. Exhausted, listening to music I love, to share it with the kind of folks that are awesome enough to listen... well it doesn't get better than that! I'll take a million sleepless nights to party with any one of you rascals! Ska is made for late night revelries. And maybe a bad decision or two. 00:00 - the Resignators - Black Jack Swing (Down in Flames '13) 02:51 - Bad Cards - the Wanderer (Bad Cards '15) 05:24 - Counting Coins - In the Red (Reach for the Sky '13) 07:56 - Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation - Black Night (Sunwalk '05) 11:46 - Stop the Presses - Originator Red (Does it Still Look Pretty? '11) 15:56 - the Smooths - Tout Seul (Very Own Vegas '96) 19:31 - My Man Friday - Red Colored Lemon (Night of the Exotic Tiki Gods '99) Find & like us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/23minofSka This episode and all episodes back to the start in 2010 are available at http://www.23Ska.com There's a lot of great ska vinyl out there, so head over to our partners in crime at http://www.GrandpasCasino.com and pick up some great sounds! Session : 9 // Episode : 187 // Airdate : Sep 23rd, 2015


 2015-09-24  23m