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Crazy Eights

Ah yeah, another episode of "23min of Ska" in your ears to get you to dance, wiggle in your chair or rock out in your car. Hell, for all I know you're listening to this while riding the subway, during your boring workday or cleaning up for your morning shower. Who knows! What I do know is that I'm glad that you're listening and continuing to come back to listen again. I know ska isn't for everyone so I'm glad you found the show and enjoy it! See you all here next week (I hope!) 00:00 - the Heat Machine - Just Like 8th Street (No Coast Dance Party '09) 03:28 - the A-OKs - an Eighth of June (Birthday Song) (Maybe Partying Will Help '15) 07:03 - Kill Lincoln - $8 Beer Night (Good Riddance to Good Advice '15) 11:29 - Victor's Lament - Swingin' 8's (Victor's Lament E.P. '09) 14:39 - the Good Skamaritans - One Eighty (Time to Save the World '00) 17:01 - the Arrogant Sons of Bitches - 1-800-Alarm-Me (Three Cheers for Disappointment '06) 20:20 - the Mighty Mighty Bosstones - 1-2-8 (Let's Face it '97) Find & like us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/23minofSka This episode and all episodes back to the start in 2010 are available at http://www.23Ska.com There's a lot of great ska vinyl out there, so head over to http://www.GrandpasCasino.com and pick up some great sounds! Session : 08 // Episode : 184 // Airdate : Aug 20, 2015


 2015-08-20  23m