Glory Revolution

Glory Revolution Living in Heaven, Walking on Earth! We love Jesus. We love that He tore the veil so we can step boldly into the throne room. - Literally. We love that He restored our access to our Father again, just like it was in the beginning. Intimately. We love that the same Spirit who raised Him from the dead lives in us. Truly. We love that we are seated with Him in Heavenly places. Really. We love that His Kingdom is at hand. Seriously. We love that He gives us Joy, Peace, Laughter, Miracles, Wonders. In Biblical proportions! We love Jesus! For more information check out


Heaven’s Culture - Justin Abraham

Life flows through honour. As supernatural as any manifestation, as mystical as any phenomena, in Heaven’s Culture, HONOUR is the womb of this new move and supernatural love;- the essential component. This challenging teaching was recorded at our recent Ancient Paths Conference in Melbourne and will provoke all who hear it to relentlessly go after shaping and creating a culture of love on earth as it is in heaven. The music at the end is Mark Steen’s Ecstasy of Love from his album Harmonics of Love available on iTunes.


 2015-05-26  53m