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Boss Level is a podcast on people and organizations aiming for the boss level. Boss level is the status a person or an organization achieves by making a better quality of life for themselves and others by doing what they need to do regardless of all the haters and obstacles out there.


episode 55: Kaisa Hietala on changing the oil industry

My guest for this episode is Kaisa Hietala, who's working as an executive vice president for renewable products at Neste. Neste currently makes half of its profits from renewable products and the shift towards this state has been made during the last 10 years.

We talk about changing the oil industry inside. What have been the most important lessons Kaisa has learned during her years at Neste? What kind of journey has the developing renewable product line been? Has the transformation to using renewable products been hard?

Kaisa also reveals that 20 years ago she could have become a researcher in climate change. What made her to join an oil company instead?

This is the last episode of Boss Level Podcast before summer break. Season 7 starts on September.

If you want to enjoy the podcast during summer break, just tune again in to your favorite episodes. You're most likely to find some new thoughts and ideas, that you've missed during the first time. Or just start the whole show from beginning ;)

We wish a great summer to all the listeners of Boss Level Podcast!

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 2018-06-19  34m