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Soul Discovery Radio Show 1/4/18

Every Sunday 6.00pm – 8.00pm GMT Solar Radio Sky Digital Channel 0129 DAB In London, Manchester, Birmingham, Norwich & Brighton (Round The World) All Soul Discovery Radio Shows are Sponsored by: City Slicker Music Email: All podcasts sponsored by GB Roofing John Edwards ‘The look on your face’ (Bell) 7’ John Edwards ‘It’s those little things that count’ (Bell) 7’ Eric Dedonair McNair ‘Pay your love back’ (Debonair Music Productions) L. Young ‘Can’t get you off my mind’(4ever Young Entertainment) The Michigan Soul Searchers ‘Where could I go’ (IZIPHO-SOUL Promo) 7’ Kejam feat Pat Bedeau ‘Calmer’ (VEC) Bléz ‘MCE Man Crush Everyday’ (Pink Diamond Cellar) Chuck Stephens ‘Let’s get nasty’ (Soul Junction Promo) 7’ Chuck Stephens ‘Paying for love”’(Soul Junction Promo) 7’ Chris Jasper ‘It’s a miracle’ (CJ) The Michigan Soul Searchers ‘Solid rock’ (IZIPHO-SOUL Promo) 7’ Bobby Finch ‘Get a hold of yourself’ (IZIPHO-SOUL Promo) 7’ Carlton Blount ‘A day without love’ (About Time) LP William ‘Kooly’ Scott Love balland’ (WS) Dena Deadly ‘I don’t eva wanna stop’ (Counterflow) 12’ Marion Meadows feat: Will Downing ‘Samba De Playa’ (Shanachie) Harvey Scales ‘Are you still in love’ (Kash Gold) 12’ Ruby & The Mudflaps “Is that enough” (Cordail Promo) 7 Mark IV ‘I knew it wouldn’t last’ (Cordial Recordings LP Promo) James Wallace ‘Be mine’ (Derco) 12’ Garfield Fleming ‘Is that OK’ (Promo) S. Simpson - D. Ventura James Simpson Band Penetration‘Can’t get over you’ (Penco) 12’ Dionne Warwick ‘Meant to be’ (Rhino) Randy Brown ‘Trying to hold on’ (3 Way) 12’ Yusef Lateef ‘Morning’ (Savoy) LP


 2018-04-09  1h55m